Saturday, August 30, 2003

Orthopedics: add to my low back pain notes 


For acute severe low back pain (torn muscle, etc):

1. Tru-Fit "one size back/shoulder polar-preene wrap": It's a neoprene belt with a mesh poush. You put a gel pack in the pouch. Roughly $16 with a gel pack.

2. Gott Blue Block "ice" for cooler. Flat, about 6"x3"x1". Contains antifreeze, so is colder than ice. Risk of cold injury if poor circulation. I liked the hard brick pressure. An Ace reusable cold compress is safer and softer.

3. Canes. Lightweight cane is a fantastic aid to early ambulation.

4. Motrin, optional additional vicodin for day 1-2.

5. encourage ambulation.

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